Grossly Underrated!

Okay, so I committed to writing about this place called Stilts in Calatagan, Batangas but never really got around to it because of about a million other things that I had on the table. But here it is now.

We stayed overnight during Holy Week at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort and if there’s anything to regret, it’s that we couldn’t stay one minute longer! This place was just fabulous and truly underrated. As a middle-income family, we greatly value trips like these as we work hard for every centavo we spend. Stilts was well worth the money we spent. The memories we took home with us of the time we spent on the resort will always be treasured by every member of our family.

It wasn’t just the beauty of the place or the many activities you could try that was truly satisfying for us. A big part of our awesome experience was the very accomodating and friendly staff, from the “bag boys” to the front desk to security and the food servers. Special mention here for Jam (resto staff) who was just so friendly and accomodating. Dude, you were excellent! Also to Ms. Iya of their Makati office. Thank you so much for making our trip a very memorable one with all the special arrangements you worked on.

The memories we took home with us of the time we spent on the resort will always be treasured by every member of our family.

We did have a minor incident with the boatman who took us snorkeling. Our original arrangement was to be taken to a sandbar and then go snorkeling. The boatman took us straight to the snorkeling site, and when we asked where the sandbar was, he said he wasn’t told about it and going to that place would eat up on our 1-hour adventure. He kept yapping about the time all throughout our trip. It was quite irritating. We told him the miscommunication wasn’t our fault, so it wouldn’t be fair to cut back on our time. But it wasn’t like he was rude. He was just ultra-conscious of time. Anyway, even with that little incident, we would definitely come back to this place. Honestly, this trip is probably on the number one spot right now of our most enjoyable family trips ever!


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