The Steaming Brew

I watched former Pagcor Chairman Efraim Genuino’s interview on TV Patrol last night. Of course, he was explaining his side of the story as regards the P1B coffee scandal that the state-run gambling firm is currently embroiled in. 

I must admit, hearing the story from Genuino’s perspective somehow hid the full enormity of the issue. The guy is just such a smooth talker he can probably talk any one of us into handing him our coats on the coldest of days for whatever reason.

Anyway, I can dig your math Mr. Genuino, but the point of the matter is that Pagcor awarded Promolabels Specialty Shop a multi-year, multi-million contract without going through the normal process of a bidding. And really, your statement that, “Players usually play in different casinos. Apparently, they thought the coffee that (Promolabels) offered was good that’s why they asked our managers to have Figaro branches in other casinos,” is, well, terribly lame! And that’s putting it mildly.

Mr. Genuino, you also forgot to mention the fact that during your tenure, even your own employees were tricked into thinking that they were entitled to complimentary cups of coffee in Figaro branches located at various casinos, when in fact, they were all charged to Pagcor.

For more details, why don’t we try asking Mrs. Fields? Ooops.


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