Tablets in Philippine Schools

In my time, tablets were things you put inside your mouth whenever you felt sick. These days, tablets are mobile devices all kids want that’s making Mommies and Daddies really, really sick!

But seriously, it’s true that more and more Philippine schools are beginning to see the true potential of tablet use inside the classroom. To date, there are around three schools in Luzon, and at least one in Visayas that are piloting the use of tablets in their respective campuses. Undoubtedly, more schools will follow suit by this time next year.

It all started with some very influential people thinking of ways on how to ease the physical load students had to deal with on a daily basis. Would you believe an average grade schooler in this country lugs around approximately 14 kilos of books and notebooks to class everyday? No wonder Filipinos seem to be getting smaller with every succeeding generation!

The idea started with the launch of the Apple Ipad in 2009. Endless possibilities for classroom use loomed. Imagine students being able to read textbooks and other reference materials, take down notes, browse the internet to do research, and do interactive exercises all in one totally portable device. Then came the more inexpensive Android-based tablets and mobile phones which further made the idea plausible even for middle-income Filipinos.

A year ago, many thought that tablet use in schools was still a distant future projection. Guess what? It’s happening. Here! Today!




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